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In today’s Gospel (Matthew 13:44-52), Christ used parables to compare the kingdom of heaven to certain treasures in the field and a merchant in search of fine pearls. Reasonably, we may perceive the Kingdom of heaven as something abstract, far removed from the present or something that awaits us only when we die. But we must also remember that a parable is actually an earthy story embedded with heavenly meaning. I choose to particularly reflect on these two parables in the light of our today’s earthly story hoping that it may resonate with our real life experience and make meaning to us.

The treasures and the fine pearls found by the two men in the parables denote something special and invaluable that must be loved, cared for and even give up everything to possess, maintain and sustain them. In our present reality, we need to talk about the ‘treasures’ that lead us to the ultimate treasure (the kingdom of heaven). We cannot attain the ultimate treasure if we do not cherish the earthly treasure bestowed upon our earthly care. The real treasure of life is under our noses: the people we share our life with; our communities, our gifts, and the opportunities we face every day to show our values as Christians. It is in such heart of ordinary things that we discover the kingdom of Jesus

In the two parables, one found a treasure by chance, he stumbled on it (was lucky), while the other had to search so hard for the fine pearls before he finally found it. It is a reality of life that some of us are lucky that our treasures come to us without much pain: the joy of a good family (a great husband/wife), very listening kids, a good paying job, good health, a strong faith passed to us by our parents, etc. But others are not that lucky. They have to work so hard, sometimes with pain and difficulties, for them to discover and possess their treasures: they work extra hard to remain happy with a family (constant struggle with marital relationships), struggling with children that are in and out of trouble, struggling to keep a job, struggling with health issues, etc.

Our Gospel today is challenging. It challenges us that regardless of how we discover our treasures we need to cherish them when we have them. Our possession of God’s kingdom hereafter is built upon how we manage our treasures here and now, whether they come to us easy or we have to struggle to discover and maintain them. We must not take anything for granted. We must find joy in what we have, even if it means struggling to make them better. For us to maintain our treasures or discover our fine pearls, we need to let those who are close to us know how much we cherish them. Be positive about what God has blessed you with. Learn to shower words of blessings upon the treasures that God has bestowed upon your life: your spouse, children, family, friends, etc. Tell them how beautiful they are, how intelligent they are, how helpful and priceless they are. And don’t forget to love yourself regardless of your looks and health condition – who you are is also priceless! Appreciate your employer, thank your employees and love what you do. Make your family and all that God has blessed you with to know how special they are, let them see you as one who can give up everything to possess them because they are of inestimable worth like the treasure in the field and the fine pearls. Certainly, they may not be perfect, but grace is built upon nature. People grow and do better when they know they’re appreciated. Don’t be too negative towards them all the time, you can fine the most beautiful pearl and treasure in the world if you are patient and positive with what God has placed into your care.