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Jesus disappointed the scribes and the Pharisees by not presenting them with the type of answer they had hoped for. Instead, he challenged them to learn the virtue of mercy and compassion. Jesus clearly did not endorse the sin of the woman caught in adultery because he told her to go and sin no more. Jesus helps us to understand how the mercy of God works. God does not condemn us as long as we are alive. He gives us the opportunity to turn from bad to good, and His mercy is endless and gratuitous.

Those who tried to stone the woman caught in adultery represent the hearts of humans that are saturated with judgement and condemnation of other people without taking into account their own individual sins. When we learn of the sins of someone that have become public knowledge, before we say it serves him/her right and throw stones on the person, we should ask ourselves if we have no secrets that resemble what the person is accused of. Let us learn to pray for each other and wish our brothers and sisters good. No one deserves mercy, we all deserve justice. But mercy comes as a free gift from God. We should allow people the opportunity to find this gift through prayer and compassion rather than judgement and condemnation.