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Our Trust in Christ Transcends Our Fears and Doubts – A Reflection for the 19th Sunday Year A 

Posted on: August 13, 2017

Doubts and fears are two strong enemies of human endeavors. So many of us are determined to walk through the waters of life but unfortunately our fears and doubts truncate our determinations and thwart our efforts. In our Gospel reading today, Peter was affected by the effects of fears and doubts. Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and asked to do the same. He was invited by Jesus. Sure enough, Peter started walking on the water quite good. But when the wind became strong he was frightened. Doubts set in, and he started sinking. 

Peter walked on the water not by his power but the power of Christ. As long as he relied on the power of Christ he kept walking on the water. But the moment Peter started focusing on himself and thinking it was his ability and power, he started to sink. He sank because his human powers were limited by fear, doubts and uncertainty. Peter began by trusting in God, but his failure came when he turned attention to himself and began to trust more in his ability rather than God. But when he returned his attention to the powers of Christ and invited Jesus to help him, he received the strength and continued to walk again.

As humans we have our storms, our troubles and our worries in life. These are often worsened by our doubts and fears. Our strength alone is not sufficient to combat these troubles because our human abilities are beclouded by fears and doubts and the evil one does well in an environment of fear and doubt. But the more we rely on the power of God, the stronger we become with the ability to manage our troubles. The moment we assume we can solve our problems independent of God, we find ourselves stumbling and sinking the more into our problems.

Are you experiencing chaos in your life? Is your faith beginning to slip? Are you feeling rejected? Are you tired of trying? Those are moments of doubts and fears. Don’t give in easily or else you will be drowned and be taken away by the storm of your problems. When you realize your family is tearing apart, and you no longer find joy in your spouse or your kids, don’t merely rely on your power alone to fix it – call on God. Or it may be that when you started your job you’re all excited but later down the years you no longer find joy in it, you’re getting frustrated with everything. Don’t allow yourself to sink. It’s time to call on your helper for more strength. Whatever you do seek the hands of God. Without God, our human powers are full of doubts, uncertainty, mistrust etc. Although Peter was afraid because of the storm, he never allowed himself to be defeated by his fears. He fought his fears by calling on Christ – a superior power – to help him. Whatever solution you seek for your problems, never forget to include a spiritual solution.

Focus your attention on Jesus and be courageous to call on Him always. With trust in Jesus we can walk on the waters of life despite its turbulence. Never rely on your abilities alone. Remember, we draw our strength from God and we can do all things through Him who strengthens us (Phil. 4:13).


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Thank you Father Jacob! I miss you! This hits the spot!!! You’re a gift and thank you thank you thank you!


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