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We celebrate Pentecost to commemorate the action of the Holy Spirit as He stirs the people of faith and burn their fears in order to live out their faith with pride. As people of faith, when we allow the Holy Spirit to stir us, we fly without wings to do nothing but become His instruments, to use us to stir others to holiness. To live out our Pentecost is a call to take action and live out our faith.

There are various ways to live out our faith in the spirit of the Pentecost; but here, I will recommend one way of demonstrating our faith, particularly, using the social media – a refreshing trend that is changing the face of our society today. As part of our Pentecost action, I recommend people of faith to consider developing a practice of taking photos of themselves at a beautiful location around their church facilities as they attend weekend masses (or worship) and post these photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media they belong to. Let the world know that you are at church. This is not hypocrisy, this is not mere show up, this is evangelism. The world should know how much you cherish your faith and how proud you are of the God you serve. No shame, no regrets! If there is anything to show off, let your God be first.

If we’re all convince of who we worship, then we must demonstrate that we belong to Him. And no place can be as appropriate to showcase this today than in the social media. One thing is certain, I may not be able to see the inside of your heart, but what I see from the outside can either help me move towards God or away from Him. You may not know how much influence you have on others and what the Spirit can do through you on social media; don’t undermine the work of the Holy Spirit because He lives even on social media. You never can tell how many people will begin to go to church because you do. Pictures speak a thousand words – never underestimate the power of an image. Many people don’t have the courage to publicly demonstrate their faith. But that is what the Holy Spirit has come to help us overcome: to burn our fears, our shyness, and like He did to the pre-Pentecost apostles, fill us with courage to “renew the face of the earth.”

So, when next you go to that place of worship, let the world know that there is a God that you dearly worship- show him off! #HolySpiritInvadeSocialMedia